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2017 Emerald Dawn Secret Santa

Happy Holidays!

It’s time  again for the Emerald Dawn Secret Santa! It’s a great opportunity to share a little holiday cheer with your fellow guildies.

Fill out this form if you’d like to participate!

Important details:

  • Sign-ups are due Monday, November 20th!
  • You’ll receive your match on November 21st.
  • Aim to have the gift sent by Friday, December 8th so everyone can receive it  before the busy holidays!
  • Minimum $25 gift (before shipping)

As always, let Kaylei know if you have any questions!

Recruiting for H Tomb of Sargeras!

<Emerald Dawn> is a guild of adults interested in enjoying the game for all it has to offer: Heroic/Normal Raiding, Mythic +, WQs, Timewalking, Achievements, Alts, Professions, etc. Many of us have been raiding together since Burning Crusade and are looking for some new members to join in on the fun!

We raid weekly on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday evenings, starting at 9:15pm EST. We currently have around 16-18 regular raiding members, but are looking to add a few new members to bolster our ranks. If you are looking for a guild to have fun with, we may be the guild for you!

We don’t have an attendance policy. Most of our members are adults with careers and a family, so our policy is “Life First”. We’d much rather add someone to the team that gets along with us than someone who can make it to every raid. Things happen; kids get sick, spouse wants a movie night, boss asks you to work late — this is just a game, after all. 🙂

We are currently seeking melee and ranged DPS. In particular, we would love the following classes (though please do not hesitate to contact us if the above sounds like a good fit):

– Hunter
– Shaman
– Demon Hunter
– Warlock
– Warrior

If you’d like to learn more about us, you can contact Kaylei in-game, or whisper any of our members. They will gladly help you out!

The 2016 Naked Tri-WRATHalon


Get ready to run, swim, and race your way across Northrend with your fellow Emerald Dawn-ers to compete for some great prizes and to help raise money for the Make-a-Wish foundation!

Did I mention you’ll be naked as you trek through the frozen wasteland of Northrend?


fel_kitten_plush_webvera1st and 2nd Place finishers will score the new Mischief Plushie and the Mischief in-game pet.
3rd – 5th Place finishers will each get the Mischief in-game pet.
And everyone that finishes the race will get a little something!

This will be taking place Saturday, December 10th at 8pm EST (Server Time). There is a sign-up on the calendar. Looking forward to seeing you all there!

The Final Countdown

Legion is nearly upon us! In these final days before 7.0, we find ourselves impatiently waiting with our bags full to the brim with transmog items. But while 7.0 will bring many long-awaited features and lots of new content, it will also permanently remove some content and achievements from Warlords. Here’s a list of what to get done before it goes away forever!

Gone (or harder) with the 7.0 pre-patch on July 19th:

Gone (or harder) with Legion’s launch on August 30th: