Becoming a Better Raider

I am fortunate enough to raid with very talented people. While many of us don’t spend near as much time in-game as we once did (thanks to careers, family, and the need to be responsible, productive members of society), we still stay on top of our class changes and optimizations. This shows when we get together on raid nights.

But the days of cracking a red bull and staying up until 3AM for progression are long behind us. We raid only three nights a week now, and some nights for only a couple hours. So at a time where raid mechanics are becoming more and more elaborate, how do you minimize the number of pulls before a kill so you can make the most of the time you have?

I’ve already tried encouraging everyone to quit their jobs, abandon their families and raid full-time. That tactic doesn’t go over well for some reason.

One area that I personally am always trying to improve upon is raid awareness. I (rather ironically) distracted everyone during our Kormrok pull this past week to discuss this (which may or may not have resulted in a dead tank – oops), and I feel like it’s an important topic for everyone – even the most experienced raider.

Hamlet discusses this subject more eloquently than I ever could, so I urge you to read his blog post: Raid Awareness is a Learned and Practiced Skill.

The MVP of your raid group isn’t the person at the top of the DPS meter; it’s the person who hasn’t died by standing in fire in 3 months.

More recently he has published an updated blog post with some WeakAura strings that alert you to the more important mechanics to be aware of in HFC – which are way better than the alerts that DBM throws at you.

I’m very excited by how well we have been doing and progressing this past month. HFC has proven to be a very fun raid so far and I look forward to clearing it with you guys!

– Kaylei