Emerald Dawn is a casual raiding guild located on Garrosh-US. Emerald Dawn was formed in 2010, but many of us have been playing together since TBC or earlier.

Most of us have spent a lot of time in hardcore raiding guilds that sacrificed fun for progression. But why play a game if it’s no longer enjoyable? We strive to be successful in the time we do spend raiding, and consistently achieve “Ahead of the Curve” each tier. That said, we don’t tolerate elitists and would much rather recruit someone who fits our guild’s culture and personality than someone who can top the meters.

Whether you’re interested in raiding or just want to join a social guild, we welcome new members looking for a casual atmosphere with other adults that enjoy WoW. If you’re interested in joining, there is no arduous application process; simply message Kaylei in-game to see if you are a good fit for our guild.